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at the daytona 500. i had no idea they've been racing that thing for 500 years. please welcome danica patrick. ( cheers and applause ). ms. patrick, may i call you danica. >> yes, please. however you feel necessary to address me. >> stephen: danica, thanks so much for coming on. i am a huge fan of you, okay. first of all, nascar is the great american sport. all right. >> i agree. stephen: everybody talks about danica patrick, you know, first woman to get pole position at daytona 500. that kind of stuff. ( cheers and applause ). do you ever get tired of life. i'm a woman. i'm a driver. i'm not a woman driver. i'm a driver driver. >> i mean people mention it. i don't really mind because i know it's what helped me get to where i am. i hope when i'm done racing that people remember me as a great driver. >> stephen: so perceive you as a woman. i don't. you could have just easily be a man. can you help me out here. i want to understand some of the finer points of the nascar. >> okay. stephen: you start off with an indy car. >> i'm not very smart with this stuff. make them softball questions for me.
important game of all -- life. danica patrick: for the millions living with copd, breathing becomes a real struggle. copd stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, but you may have heard of it as chronic bronchitis or emphysema. over time, it makes it harder and harder to breathe, until you feel like you're breathing through a straw. copd is the 4th leading cause of death in the u.s. it kills one person every 4 minutes, and it took my grandmother. an estimated 24 million americans are affected, but as many as half of them don't even know it. it's a race against time to spread the word about this serious disease. if you're over 35 and have ever smoked, you could be at risk. the good news is, there are steps you can take to improve your symptoms. i'm danica patrick, and i drive4copd. take action today to breathe better tomorrow. join the movement at take our screening questionnaire today, and talk to your doctor. oh, how the mighty have fallen! apple shares trading near $400. matt cavanaugh of cmz trading joins us now for chart talk. where is the bottom on this stock?
'm danica patrick, and i drive4copd. join the movement at take our screening questionnaire today, and talk to your doctor. oil prices are creeping up! phil flynn, a fox business contributor who is also with price futures group joins us now for a closer look at oil. we'd love to get that backstory from you on natural gas. what is happening there phil? > > i tell you what, we could be near the end of the era of oil. i know it's crazy but- > that is huge. > > -that is huge! what we are seeing here is a significant shift in the global oil market, and that is because of the shell gas revolution and the cleaner burning properties of natural gas. we are already seeing it take a toll on the marketplace. > what is happening with oil prices? > > this time of year the price of oil normally goes up as we get closer to the summer driving season, but i think it is deeper than that. what we are seeing here is the price of oil here in the united states, the wti oil, is getting more in line with the global marketplace. the price of oil in europe has been well over $100 a barrel for many, ma
tickets for the event. the first family will be joined by danica patrick and the vikings adrian peterson. >>> time to talk a little politics. first up, north korea. the united states has deployed f-22 rafters to south korea as a part of joint military exercises. but make no mistake, the stelt bombers are ready for the reeld thing if the north launches an attack on south korea. although some have suggested including dennis rodman that instead of sending f-22s, president obama out to pick up the phone. >> as far as i see, this is not even the government, it's like an organized crime family running a territory. he's brutal, his father was brutal, his grandfather brutal. i don't see any purpose at all doing that. it would serve no constructive purpose whatsoever. >> but north korea still talking tough. so what do you do? joining me now, cnn contributor maria cardona along with analyst for the blaze will cain. welcome to both of you. >> good morning. >> so i'll start with that question. should president obama pick up the phone and chat with kim jong-un? will? >> no. and i'll tell you why. pet
and have ever smoked, you could be at risk. the good news is, you can improve your symptoms. i'm danica patrick, and i drive4copd. join the movement at take our screening questionnaire today, and talk to your doctor. turning now to chart talk with matt cavanaugh of cmz trading. we're taking a closer look at wells fargo this morning. good morning to you. > > good morning. > > everybody is on pins and needles over these bank earnings coming in. what do you see in the charts for wells fargo? > > wells fargo is sitting right at a 52 week high and it's really make or break time for them. all eyes are gonna be on them but personally i expect good things. > > it's the first big bank to report in. you say good things. but how good? > > this is a bank that recently raised their dividend. they said that they're going to repurchase more shares in 2013. they really have been conservative. they've got good growth, good mamagement. they've executed well 11 straight quarters. so, how good? i don't know. there is some concern about the mortgage origination because they are the biggest
and team jack as the support network is known fitted the honorary player. and danica patrick last place after engine trouble. talk about a comeback. nascar! she ended up beating her boss, tony stewart. peter is next to me, but he's in a box. >> i see you, harris, i see you. >> harris: she didn't come in first, but battled out there. >> did great. finished in 12th place and beat her boss. and she was in last place and did well. jam jim ji johnson hitting groove and danica patrick-- >> and on my twitter page, danica doesn't have a chance, and see what happens, won't be in the top 15. >> and march madness. >> down to two. michigan and louisville. and michigan hasn't won a ncaa tournament since 1989. and louisville haven't won since 1986 and both of the teams impressive victories on saturday night and the game is tomorrow and both the squads rare for college basketball, they run up and down the court, they played very energetic and high octane, high tempo and everyone is excited for this one and a lot of college basketball fans have been soured because there's so much defense, these two tea
like minnesota vikings adrian peterson and nascar driver, danica patrick. even robby novak who plays kid president will be on hand. the family of high day yeah pendleton, the teenage girl shot and killed will also be in attendance. sunday, eyes were focused on pope francis and his first easter sunday mass. >> narrator: they came by the thousands. a quarter of a million welcomed pope francis as he delivered his first easter mass. the faithful lining st. peter's square to hear a message calling for peace. he appealed for peace between israelis and palestinians, for refugees pleaing syria and what could be the next big conflict for reconciliation between north and south korea. >> we wanted to come and get the blessing from the pope and feel the love and community here toda today, and that's what we did. we're hoping this will be a new sign for world peace. >> pope francis urged the faithful to be good stewards for nature. nbc's claudia lobango was in st. francis square. >> reporter: it was short, simple, somber. once again, it touched the hearts of thousands of people who came here to s
. >> chris: danica patrick wound
'm danica patrick and i drive4copd. take action today to breathe better tomorrow. join the movement at take our screening questionnaire today, and talk to your doctor. >> they may be coming off a loss yesterday, but today the san francisco giants will get some new hardware. their world championship series rings. giants fans who packed at&t park for home opening weekend saw former m-v-p winners kevin mitchell jeff kent, willie mccovey and willie mays on hand to congratulate the latest player to join their ranks. buster posey. posey thanked the fans as he received his most valuable player award for last year's season to remember. posey's big day may have been spoiled though by former giant carlos beltran and the saint-louis cardinals. beltran batted in three- runs to lead his team over the giants six-to-three. pablo sandoval and hunter pence each hit a home run but in the end it just wasn't enough. the giants continue the homestand today against the cardinals when giants ace matt cain takes the mound. first pitch is at 1:05. >> coco crisp. jed lowrie and seth smith all ho
for the touchdown. team jack was honorary player in a tiny uniform. danica patrick finished in last place after engine trouble. talk about a comeback. nascar. she ended up beating her boss tony stewart. he is kind of next to me but inside of a box. >> i see you harris. i see you. >> she didn't come in first. she battled out there. >> she did great. finished in 12th place. everybody said danica it is not your day. jimmy jackson wins the race. the third most for any racer. without winning the race headlines here great job by her today. says on my twitter page harris falkner, sorry danica doesn't have a chance she will finish in the top 15. let's see what happens. march madness. >> we are down to two, harris. we are down to michigan and louisville. michigan hasn't won since 1989, louisville since 1986. they have impressive victories on saturday night. the game is tomorrow. both of these very rare for college basketball they run and up and down the court they play energetic high octane high tempo. a lot of college basketball fans have been sour because there's so much defense. these two teams they
at texas motor speedway. danica patrick finished 28th while her boyfriend ricky stenhouse finished 40th. a couple of veterans share a rookie like experience. just burton behind mark martin. martin slowing down to avoid a wreck and never warned jeff and burton not happy about the lack of communication. bum i texted you about it jeff. kyle busch holds martin truex, jr.. bay area bomber boxer that is sports as we see this saturday night, giants lose and a's win, but i am really anxious for tomorrow's final round at the matters. >> people calling in? >> isn't that crazy, what other people call in and say he cheated. >> only had golf. thank you fred. >>> breaking news out of fremont where apamfrack train derailed. jade hernandez has latest for us. >> well, ken, parts of that train of the derailment son overpass about a quarter of mile from where we're standing. it's in the dark and it's hard to see, but we know from amtrak officials this happened about two hours ago. around:00 and amtrak's coast starlight, a two-engine train heading to vancouver from l.a. had the lead wheels and lead engi
and dozens of children scouring the lawn. among those in attendance, danica patrick and zane wallace. there were 30,000 people at the white house today doing the egg roll.
and r coaches, it's 80% mental. i was having this ugly argument request dagen mcdowell about danica patrick in that as talented as she is, great courage, you win up here. they all get fast cars, they all get -- they can change their tires in 15 seconds and all that sort of thing. clean your windshield. >> sure. >> imus: but if you don't think you can win, you can't win. >> that's right. >> imus: you can say -- but that's ... yeah, that's where he's at. >> we all agree. >>mus: seems like a night kid, though. >> connell: funny you say that, here's the understatement of the year. you don't mcelroy walked off the court, inth hole. so he said yesterday it was not the right thing to do. of course one hour later, he got a dentist in belfast, ireland, to fax a statement to the pga saying he had a sore wisdom tooth. >> he won't be making it today. >> imus: bernard's not here. lou knows too. wait a minute, put that graphic of that blonde up again. >> let's take another look at this. >> imus: flashed back too quick. >> here it comes. here we go. >> tory birch. >> i would hit it. >> she wouldn'
out for. danica patrick, the nascar driver is there, in what they are calling the activity zone, because they are making this kind of a move thing. the kid president. not sure this crowd, a lot of 13 and unders who might be more president -- the popular, the president or the kid president there. and i have been watching this actually in -- i mean, it's hilarious watching these kids. so anyway, enough of that. >>> we have an update on a serious story from over the weekend, everybody has been talking about it. two-hour surgery for the university of louisville guard, kevin ware. he had to have a rod inserted to repair his broken right tibia. maybe you saw the gruesome injury that happened during louisville's elite eight game against duke, teammates and coach were shaken, all their emotions visible on the court. ware said wynn the game, win the game on the stretcher. this he beat duke, 85-63, today's tweet of the day comes from a relative of ware's who posted this photo of him in a hospital bed. our little hero chilling with the ncaa trophy. gotta love him. hash tag louisville. he h
and characters were sesame street and danica patrick will attend. be healthy, be active and be you is the theme for this year's event. >> what a cool event for little kids. they won't realize how cool it is until a little bit older. >>> 6:33. checking in with christina loren. get another update. >>> all they care about is the eggs at that age. rainfall coming down steadily. i wanted to show you all the lightning across northern california yesterday. it was a really active day. the thunder was not visible. you couldn't hear that thunder where you lived. we had severe thunderstorm warnings around the corner from where you live in concord. we had reports of hail up to quarter size. it was a significant day in the weather department. we still have those showers coming down, an aftermath from yesterday. take it easy out there. it was also very gusty at times. you might find some debris on the highway. oakland to san leandro, the heaviest rainfall. the showers will deteriorate as we head throughout the day. it is going to take a while. not until this evening are we going to clear the radar. 54, liver
peterson of the minnesota vikings, nascar's danica patrick and the boy band the wanted all scheduled to be on hand. >> you have all of the wanted's albums? >> i am wanting for any of the albums yes. >> when the yankees take the field just a few hours from now on opening day, hopefully prepared to lose to the red sox, they will take the field without their captain for the first time in over a decade. cnn's rachel nichols one-on-one with derek jeter coming up. arrival. with hertz gold plus rewards, you skip the counters, the lines, and the paperwork. zap. it's our fastest and easiest way to get you into your car. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. your doctor will say get smart about your weight. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have six grams of sugars. with fifteen grams of protein to help manage hunger... look who's getting smart about her weight. [ m
that includes one with beou's paw print. 30,000 were selected at random to come. danica patrick, adrien peterson, jordan sparks and jessica sanchez and many others. it will fee if you are a number of stations reflecting the first lady's let's move fitness push with jump rope, hula hoop, dance, tennis and yoga garden for the slightly less active like me. there will be arts and crafts, egg dyeing, egg decorating. the egg roll itself involves pushing hard boiled eggs across the south lawn are long handled spoons. the first lady, president also make an appearance. but within of the stars likely robbie novak, also known as kid president who is on a mission to make grownups like me less borrowing. back to you -- boring. >> steve: he mentioned the eggers -- reagans started selling the eggs. i used to cover it and we've got a picture of me and my wife at the easter egg roll and as you can see, a young future correspondent there. i think that's 1988. >> brian: wow. that's peter doocy. >> gretchen: very cute. >> steve: i still have those glasses and the hair. >> brian: very attractive family. peter would
of next week. you. danica patrick is in the throes of her nascar season. but she stopped by to say hello. danica, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> what a year this has been for you. should i read off the list? first woman to win the pole position at daytona, first woman to finish in the top ten. one of the first ever to lead indy 500 and daytona. is there something special about this year? >> thank you. you know, i've got a great crew, great crew chief and we have fun. and i think that when you have fun, good things come from that. puts you in a good mood. and your performance shows for it. >> you pretty much grew up in this sport. i know it was a childhood dream of yours. did you ever envision, though, you would reach the level where you are. and being a girl among many guys. >> yeah, it probably wasn't until i was about 14 years old that i really even thought a lot about being a girl out there amongst a bunch of guys. because that's when tv started picking me up a little bit. so for me, it's normal. people ask what it's like to be a girl out there, i don't know any different. >
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's the viking, danica patrick, the racecar driver, and the boy band the wanted all scheduled to be on hand. there you go. >> the wanted. i like deejay will right now. >> he had to turn up the music so he didn't hear the baby crying. all backwards. >> that, too. >>> no laughs on this next one. this is what all you are tweeting about. kevin ware recovering after surgery after this gruesome injury he suffered sunday. >> it is frankly too disturbing to see. what you can see as it happens, though, is the reaction. you see it on the bench there. you see people just covering their faces. this is coach rick pitino who was crying on the court. his teammates there also in tears. and really one of the most startling things was before he was wheeled off, coach pitino called the whole team together and kevin ware told them to go out and win it for him. >> and the people in the stands even are so powerful, you don't need to see the gruesome picture of what happened, right? i mean, it's just the power of the people who witnessed it all i think is the journalistically is the interesting and lasting thing
. celebrities participating are danica patrick elmo, and jordin sparks. >> to head off complaints about taxpayer money funding today's activities, the white house is putting out via social media that is donations that fund the event. >>> a new gallup poll shows americans are frustrated with the republican party and the most common criticism is the g.o.p. is too inflexible and unwilling to compromise. 21% of adults cited this as their top complaint including 26% of republicans. democrats less critical of their own party. when asked to name something they didn't like, more than half said there wasn't anything where they had no opinion. the most common complaint was that democrats had too much spending but only 10% of democrats had that issue with their own party. >>> and hillary clinton is now scheduled to give her first paid speech since leaving her post as secretary of state. she's on the agenda to appear on the 24th of april in dallas at the national multihousing council. she, however is already giving on paid speeches including two this week, one in new york and one in d.c. we're back after th
, storytelling and the president's basketball court is open as well peter jordan sparks nascar driver danica patrick's and adrian peterson just a few of the celebrities and athletes gathered here today. coming up over on our companion network c-span this afternoon this encore presentation of the first five programs in our series of first ladies influence and image. >> the sequester will reduce our grants via about 5% which roughly equates to $22 million or so. which will be distributed among the various licensees and stations that i describe, and so we have in fact taken about a 13% cut in our overall federal budget over the last two years and if the entire federal government did the same the cuts that we sustain, the budget would be $500 billion more than it is now so we feel like we have made a significant contribution to deficit reduction and the federal debt within our own context. >> next the future of aviation and impact of automatic spending cuts known as the sequester. national air traffic comptrollers association president paul rinaldi was one of the speakers during his this discuss
timberlake. >> gretchen: danica patrick, maybe she was there for the egg roll. john wall, basketball player. and i can't see the rest of them. >> steve: jordan sparks is included. a whole bunch of celebrities have been able to jump the sequester sorry, kids, you can't come in. but the elites can. coming up on april 9, a bunch of music stars are going to be there at the white house for the taping of a pbs show. it is an installment of in performance at the white house, memphis souls, justin timberlake, booker t jones will be there and others. there is justin right there. so in other words, it does seem like a double standard. if offer celebrity or elite, despite the quester, you get in. but the rest of us if you want to see the white house, you can, through the gate, or the fence. if they don't -- if the white house is not aware of how bad this looks, they're just tone deaf because if it's open to celebrities and it's not open to the people, the people's house, that just doesn't look right. >> brian: i'd like to know what does it take to see maria molina? >> extreme weather. texas getting sl
on nbc. >>> coming up tomorrow on "today," race car driver and actress, danica patrick. >> but up next, kathie lee and hoda have more on "people's" most beautiful issue. >> and the best websites to check out before you book your >>> good morning to you. it is 9:56. i'm marla tellez. an off duty emergency medical technician and emt and fellow students at san jose state are being hailed as heroes this morning. they ran into a homeless shelter that caught fire. they ran in to tell people to get out. thanks to their quick thinking, no one was hurt. firefighters think it may have started on the rooftop patio. >>> the santa clara county sheriff's department hope you can help them catch a would be robber. take a look. deputies releasing the surveillance video for everyone to see. they want to talk to this man. they say the friend pulled a gun on a driver outside of 7-eleven on february 14th. the driver quickly reversed and took off without getting hurt. >>> rob mayeda in for christina loren talking about a little cooldown. >> we're seeing some cooler changes. clouds around the bay area, even
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)